Mission and Vision

Vision/ Goal of Organization

Within the general framework the main goal of EC Bangladesh is to: Accelerate environmentally, socially and economically sustainable development through collaborative partnership among NGOs, CBOs at its project locations.


The prime objectives of EC Bangladesh are:

  • To organize different sectors of people, i.e. the marginalized, landless, homeless, marginal farmers and the destitute women including the fishermen’s and the people of other professions in associations of or homogeneous groups consisting of 15-20 members of different classes.
  • To improve the status of the women community and empower them resisting domestic violence, divorce, dowry system, rape, suicide, inmate torture, Acid burn crime etc.
  • To find out the socio-economic impact of modern industrialization and social life on air quality, climate and atmosphere that includes air pollution, CO2 /CO emission/levels/sources, CFCs, Climate change, Global warming, Greenhouse affects, deforestation, save the rivers, save the life etc.
  • To assess the causes of the ground water pollution, consequence effect of arsenic poisoning and to find out the possible solution for its mitigation.
  • To protect the endangered species like Royal Bengal Tiger, protection of wild life trading/ poaching etc.
  • To protect deforestation for ecological balance.
  • To raise the advocacy and awareness among the community people adjacent to the coastal belt for disaster preparedness.