Message from Executive Director


Arif Sikder

Ambala Foundation is always keen to learn, flexible in its dynamism and adapted to face new challenges that leads to improve project impacts on the target population. With a view to establishing human rights and ensuring good governance in the country, Ambala Foundation has been trying its best through implementation of different rights-based projects in different parts of the country. There are numerous program and activities implemented by Ambala Foundation regarding economic development, livelihood development, environmental protection, rights and governance, health, education and tobacco control etc. From establishment to till date Ambala Foundation has covered approximately ten hundred thousand people as the direct beneficiary under various projects. All the activities of Ambala Foundation are harmonized and aligned with the broader goal and objectives set by the government at national level in the concerned development sectors.

Over the years Ambala Foundation has strictly demonstrated quality works and become able to build a solid image of the organization among all concerned entities including the stakeholders. It was possible because of receiving proper guidance and support from its capable, efficient and proactive Executive Committee and active, operational human resource. Ambala Foundation has the reputation of being the most swiftly growing and well-managed organization and we will continue our effort for accelerating environmentally, socially and economically sustainable development in Bangladesh.

Arif Sikder
Executive Director
Ambala Foundation

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